Say Hello to Proud 1.2 & Proud for Mac Beta!

 After several weeks of working, we are ready to announce the official Proud for Mac Beta release! You can download it here:

First of all, we would like to thank each one of you for your help, engagement and trust. These last 3 months were incredible! Thank you for your emails, feedbacks and support. Without your help Proud wouldn’t be the app it is right now!


During #ProudForMac development we faced with many problems. One of them was the iCloud synchronization between devices… We decided to switch to Dropbox — as it appeared to be the most reliable and the fastest way to keep all your data in sync!

How to sync Proud with your Mac?

1. Open Proud for Mac
2. App Options > Preferences > Sync > Click Dropbox Sync enabled
3. Allow Dropbox to create a folder ‘Proud’
4. Take your iPhone/iPad go to App Options > Synchronization > Dropbox Sync
5. Wait for the sync. It may take a few minutes. After that, you can enjoy synchronization no matter where you are, and what device you use!
6. Or just simply watch video with the explenation here:

What makes Proud so special?

How productive are you? 30%, 45%, 65%? What if you could handle all your duties, project, habits and your whole life in just one simple app? If it helped you to find more free time, how would you feel?

Time is the new currency

Our lives became busier than ever, this is why we don’t have time and willingness to use sophisticated tools and methods. This is why we created #ProudForMac with one key component in our minds: SIMPLICITY. 

Simplicity is the power

 tabs (lists, reminders and history), one goal: FREEDOM

— beautiful appearance fully customizable to your own needs,

— irreplaceable tools reminders, habits, endless subtasks, weekly performance dashboard


Set your reminders in 3 simple steps

Never forget about the break

One big idea

We believe that people can make incredible things in life. If you want to do so, you have to learn how to deal with distraction, how to prioritize your goals and how to find the balance in your life. Proud is an app that helps people get their minds clear, and move forward quicker than every. Being productive doesn’t mean you have to do millions of things, being productive actually means to do less things in general and do more things that make you truly happy so that you live your life in harmony and total fulfillment.

We’ve just shown you a few features, but it’s only the beginning… Give it a try and help us build the most efficient productivity tool in the world. Download Proud for Mac Beta here:

Spread the news about #ProudForMac!

If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us through Twitter: @PiotrSzwach, @UseProud, or through email:

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