Proud Roadmap


Are you curious what’s coming up in Proud? You can find all the necessary info about the future updates below! Keep in mind that it may change due to requests made by the community. If the version line below is completed, it means that it is Waiting For Review/In Review and should be available within a few days, or hours 😉 !

We try our best to deliver the highest quality updates to our users.

Proud 1.3
Proud for Mac 1.1
Proud for Mac 1.1.1
Proud 1.3.1

Upcoming Releases

Proud For Mac 1.1:
– iCloud as a sync service
– Bugfixes

Proud 1.3:

– Today extension
– Option to change app’s language
– Minor TouchID fixes
– 3D Touch option to quickly add a task
– Option to show the exact date below task with reminder

Proud 1.3.1:

– Airmail integration
– Battery drain issues fix
– Option to change spacing between tasks
– Reminders integration
– Finishing a task that has unfinished subtasks will ask you what to do
– Do-now rescheduling fix
– Old date rescheduling fix
– Line breaking fixes

Proud 1.4:

– Location-aware reminders
– Option to move top buttons to the bottom
– Option to set task’s auto-reminder date
– De-Stress on Apple Watch

Proud 1.5:
– Link grabber when pasting an url
– Safari Extension
– Search tasks
– Tag tasks with #(hash)
– Syncing app options and life goal via iCloud

Proud 1.6:

– Option to set task’s length and indication of blocking of some kind
– Play your own sound for the reminder

Proud 1.7:

To Be Announced