Proud for Mac is already available on the Mac App Store!

Hey! After 3 months of constant testing, working and analyzing we are ready to announce that Proud for Mac is ready for sale on the Mac App Store.

Lack of organisation can hold up everyone of us from the things we are in fact capable of doing. That’s the reason why we created Proud for Mac.

We believe we can impact productivity of people in this world.

We also believe your spirit and willpower can be very powerful. We encourage you to create things using our small and powerful tool to truly unleash your inner potential.

Proud for Mac — plan your days, tasks and habits on your computer easily. Track your time with pomodoro timer, achieve piece of mind with de-stress feature and push your life and dreams to the next level.

From that point we would like to thank each of you for your feedback, emails, tweets, engagement and virtual high fives! You are simply the best!

If you have any questions you can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. For those who prefer an email: (: We reply for all your messages and we’re really happy for any feedback!

– Angie & Piotr

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