3 features you won’t find in any other todo app!

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Which features makes Proud unique beyond other todo apps?


There is nothing worse than loosing your motivation when you’re on track. So… We came up with something that might not only entertain our users but also motivate them. We asked our community to record inspirational quotes and guess what: they did it :).

Imagine… What if every time you finish task you hear a voice from a real person that congratulate you for your progress? How would you feel about that?


It might be funny for you, stupid, crazy, motivational or inspirational — everything depends on your attitude. We leave you with an experience.


You probably don’t know but during 2 years of just the development we united 2 000 volunteers who bravely helped us build Proud. And from now they are also part of this project…



Do you feel guilty at work when you think about forgetting to take breaks? If so, you probably don’t know what constant work may leads to…

  • serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stress and repetitive strain injures.
  • it makes you unproductive, fed up and unfocused.

Set up timer, and Proud will remind you about the break. What’s more Proud blocks your home screen so you won’t be able to do anything apart short relaxation.


Yesterday Apple announced new app called Breathe. Breathe turns the Apple Watch into a breathing coach by measuring your speed and number of breaths per minute.

As you may know (or not) this is actually similar thing we’ve done with Proud. Inside the app you can find a feature “de-stress” which lets you set a 30 sec, 1, 2, 5, or even 10 minutes breathing sessions just simply to let your mind be free for a while.

 We believe that when we understand our feelings and emotions we can achieve much more!







We’ve been featured on Product Hunt (this is actually the second time this year!) We reached 612 up votes! THANK YOU!

BTW, you can find us on TwitterFacebook, or even on LinkedIn. We answer for every tweet and email :). If you wanna reach us personally don’t hesitate to contact us: Piotr. Thank you so much for your engagement & support. You are simply the best!

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