<”h1″ class="”bigger” ”hairline” ”bordered” ”bordered-normal”" > Get more done in less time


<”h3″ class="”normal” ”black” ”bordered” ”bordered-normal”" > 1. Organize your priorities.


2. Know what to do next.

The intelligent list of upcoming tasks gives you a quick look at everything you need to know - things to do now, later in the evening, tomorrow morning, the next month and much more.

3. Stay proud.

You can constantly review the completed tasks and motivate yourself by looking at your long list of accomplishments. Each small task gets added to a larger list of tasks that you achieve every single day, so you can stay proud and become happier with your life.

One app, made especially for you

Proud has been carefully designed for people who come from different backgrounds. Some of you might have already tried to do something about your lack of time by reading self-help books, or watching motivational speakers, or attending time management courses. We are aware of the books Getting Things Done, Four Quadrants, and The Art of Doing Less. We also know that most of the time you use a regular calendar or a pen and paper to keep track of the things you do every day. We designed the Proud app so that you can continue using your best working style. Or if you choose, we can recommend a working style for you based on our knowledge from the books, and the courses we attended before we designed Proud.

Needing more time
Loving style
Loving quality

What makes it so special?

Unlimited freedom.

You have the power to do everyday things in extraordinary ways, and to do extraordinary things every day. With Proud, you can be more powerful than you think. By using its unlimited ability to break down tasks into lists and sub-lists, you will have the opportunity to organize everything naturally and logically, just like your brain works.

Time can be your friend.

Let’s say you need a break right now, but you feel you can’t take it because you have so many things to do. Just leave the tasks behind, and they will be intelligently rescheduled. You will come back refreshed and ready to work twice as hard—and you will become happier every time you give yourself some time to relax.

Don’t lose control of your life.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have total control over your life, we have an app for you. When you feel overwhelmed with chores and ideas that come to your head, you can find peace of mind and regain control of your life when you start to organize your days better. With Proud it’s super-easy, it’s fun, and the experience is unlike anything else you have tried.

<”h1″ class="”bigger” ”hairline” ”bordered” ”bordered-normal”" > As beautiful as it is useful


We craft Proud

Piotr Szwach

Piotr Szwach Developer, Designer

Over the period of five years, I have designed and developed more than 40 apps for both business and personal use. Proud is my best app to date. From the time I started developing the app, I have asked many people over the course of many months to give me their opinions and advice. The alpha version I'm testing right now gives me hope that my idea will become a huge success when it’s released.

Andżelika Toczek

Andżelika Toczek Marketing influencer

It might surprise you that I’m 18 years old have been working on marketing real apps for over two years. That’s what best describes me. I love to grow, to meet people and to learn new things. Maybe that’s why I am where I am now. I believe in and already use Proud, and I'd love to show it to as many people as possible because I know Proud is an app worth hearing about it.

Fun facts


Months crafting

the idea


Successful people



Lines of code



Cups of coffee


What others say?

  • The idea is simple and powerful, I want to see how will it work. Changing my phone from Android to iPhone if satisfies my expectations.

    Sebastian Burocki, Rubies
  • Really nice idea for the app, I like it a lot! Hope can help me organize my life in a better way than right now.

    Ziemowit Grygierczyk, AR Fixer
  • The design is sexy. I love it!

    Marcin Sulikowski, Naturaily
  • I was thinking what is the most confusing in current calendar and reminders app. The main problem is that these are two separate applications and each solves the problem just in half. I guess Proud will address that issue.

    Rafał Pisz, Datax
  • The most important thing in your career is to prioritize. Without prioritization the app will be useless. I hope Piotr will think about it when designing and developing the app.

    Dermot Corr, Techsorted
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<”h1″ class="”super” ”hairline” ”no-bordered-header” ”bordered-normal”" > Notify me about Proud release!


  • Release date notification

    We will notify you when the release date will be set. You will be able to prepare better and plan for the perfect day to start organizing your life better. From that day your time management will improve, guaranteed.

  • Direct email to Proud makers

    You will be able to respond to the release info and suggest some features you would like to see in upcoming releases.

  • Time management PDF

    We’re finishing writing our short 10-pages PDF about Time Management. Once done, it will be sent to you and you will be able to make your life a bit better than it is right now.

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