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Remarkable app designed for people ruthless in achieving greatness.

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Invest in your biggest asset: you

If you are the kind of person that likes to have a total control over your life, we have an app for you. We believe we: busy people have the natural gift to organize and execute things. We need more freedom and we need to learn how to manage time to do things that makes us truly happy. We’ve spent countless hours ensuring Proud is our best app for managing time ever and we can’t wait to show you how it enriches your life.


Why Proud?

Take small steps

Divide each task into smaller and smaller tasks until you have a clear vision on what to do next.

Double your productivity

Improve your focus, take breaks, wake up with calm list of things to do. Use superpowers to receive extra time for everything you love.

Achieve peace of mind

Doing too any things every day? Spend a few minutes every day to contemplate your achievements. Never get lost with your progress again.

How does it work?

Proud is neither a todo list nor a calendar. It’s not better than any of these apps. It’s different.

The natural succession of doing things goes as follows: first you plan and organize what to do, then you do it and then you can feel proud what you’ve done.

See Proud in action!

Proud is based on gestures you know from your best todo and calendar apps. See how to make the most common actions!

Adding tasks

Scroll down to add a task.

Scheduling tasks

Add task in the second list or long press a task in the second tab to schedule it.

Completing tasks

Swipe right to complete.

Deleting tasks

Swipe left to delete on the first tab. Long swipe left on the second.

Editing tasks

Click text to edit it.

Breaking tasks down

Get into task by clicking next to the right edge and add subtasks.

Entering focus

Open dashboard on second tab and click Play.

Starting a habit

Longpress to enter schedule mode and then swipe up to set habit.