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If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over your life, we have an app for you. Busy people like us have a natural gift to organize and execute things. We need more freedom and we need to learn how to manage time to do things that make us truly happy. We’ve spent countless hours ensuring Proud is the best app for managing time ever, and we can’t wait to show you how it enriches people’s lives.

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Tens of thousands of people worldwide bought and use our app every day. Proud makes you smarter, acts as an external brain for your ideas and thoughts, helps you to remember important moments, actions and habits in your life, and helps to improve your productivity so that you do much more in less time, plus: you take breaks so you relax more and can do more at the same time. Read the Roadmap.


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Thank you for helping us build Proud! We are super proud of all who helped us! Watch our promo video below!

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  • Testimonial
    The minimalist feel isn’t telling of the app’s performance, though. It’s one of the most intuitive apps I have used for managing a multitude of tasks at once in a long time.
    Amanda ConnollyEditor, The Next Web
  • Testimonial
    You can use the app to store all of your ideas and to-dos, remember important moments, set up triggers to stick with your habit changes, and even remind you to take breaks throughout the day. If you’re looking for ways to make your day more productive, you are going to love Proud.
    Product Hunt
  • Testimonial
    Proud is the new jewel for productivity lovers.
    José MendiolaEditor at Applesfera
  • Testimonial
    Proud is different because it merges all kinds of handy features into one. It enables you to take notes, create a comprehensive to-do list with goals and deadlines, tells you to breathe when you're feeling stressed and prompts you to build new habits over time.
    Becca CaddyEditor, Lifehacker UK
  • Testimonial
    Despite the simple appearance, Proud is a rather powerful app. In addition to managing your lists and tasks, Proud can also help you stay focused on long-term goals and even de-stress right from the app.
    Christine ChanManaging Editor, AppAdvice.com
  • Testimonial
    It is really fun to use the app and gestures are very natural. It is noticeable that there is a lot of work behind and an eye for detail.
    JohanEditor, Appleyra

Achieve big things

Break down big tasks into smaller and smaller and have a clear vision of what to do next. Focus on small tasks one at a time.

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Double Your Productivity

Improve your focus, take breaks more often and wake up with a clear list of things to do. Use Superpowers and gain extra time for everything and everyone you love.

Achieve Peace of Mind

Feeling overwhelmed by doing too many things every day? Use Destress Superpower and relax for a few minutes contemplating your achievements.

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Exclusively available for Apple devices

Not only does Proud work on all Apple devices, but it also stays in sync. Create a task on your Mac and complete it on-the-go on your iPhone. Export hierarchies of tasks into Evernote and import them back! Proud is available for download on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 9, Apple Watch with WatchOS 2 and Mac running El Captain!

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  • Ideas arise in the most unexpected moments. Quickly swipe down and type down the idea that came to your mind.

    Proud features a groundbreaking system to store your ideas and tasks. You can sort everything into categories, sub and sub-sub categories and never lose track of the important things again!

  • Usually when new tasks come to our minds, we do not have time to do them immediately. It is easy to say: I will do that in the evening. As easy as it is to say, that’s how easy it is to set in Proud.

    Soft time is the technology that backs all the tasks and habits you do in Proud. It’s intelligent algorithms automatically adjust the tasks for the correct moment in your day based on your own preference. Schedule your meeting for the next week, go out with your dog in the afternoon, do laundry in the evening, plan a trip this weekend and do much more!

  • Do you wish you could have kept your good habits going? Imagine where you would be now if you had practiced your Spanish or piano just two or three times a week for a year.

    With Proud, you can set some tasks to be repeated with a unique approach: every day, each Friday, three times a week, five times a day, etc. You set your habits responsibly and after some time, you can feel proud of your results!

  • When you want to skyrocket your productivity, there is no better way than by taking regular breaks from your work.

    Your brain is not used to work without breaks. Taking them from time to time helps your brain stay refreshed, makes you feel great and energized, and makes you much more productive! Focus for 50 minutes and then relax for the next 10 with special timers that connect to your current topmost task.

  • There is one thing that everyone who struggles with managing time wishes they had more of: Time.

    Instantly give yourself an hour or a day off and relax for the rest of the day. All your tasks will be rescheduled by a few hours. You can ‘freeze’ some tasks so they don’t move, too!

  • Do you feel your life goes on autopilot? Sit comfortably on the couch and travel back in time to see what you did in the past.

    Time travel was built for people who may have problems remembering what they did in the past. Travel a week back, a month or even a year to see what you were doing then and you will be able to see if your life has improved.

  • When it comes to completing tasks, there is always a topic of motivation. Boost it by looking at your yesterday performance.

    If you wish to motivate yourself from time to time, look on at the weekly performance graph. You will see how you performed during the last 7 days and you will easily regain energy to work again!

  • Only you know how you would like Proud to behave. It is you who can decide that.

    With a multitude of options, you can enable syncing between devices, customize how notifications work, set your life goals, change such small details like colors and sounds and do much, much more!

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Despite the simple appearance, Proud is a rather powerful app. In addition to managing your lists and tasks, Proud can also help you stay focused on long-term goals and even de-stress right from the app.

- Christine Chan, Managing Editor, Review on AppAdvice.com

Prouductivity Handbook

“Prouductivity” is a combination of the words: Proud and Productivity. It contains the user guide to our app, as well as some advanced techniques on how to get your productivity to the next level.
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Current team

Piotr SzwachFounder & CEO

Piotr Szwach

Founder & CEO

Sole owner and inventor of Proud. A man of all things. Award Winning iOS consultant, Interface Designer, 2D and 3D graphic artist, music composer. Doing so many things at the same time requires extra consideration of his time.